Site assessment is essential for a full and comprehensive successful job. Our team is capable to make full survey of the premise, assess client needs and expectation, discuss projects milestones and ensure that the client is full aware of all details.

Cabling and Onsite Support:

∗  Guiding the Customer / building Electrician on wiring distribution Layout.
∗   Provide design on System location for a proper distribution and Installation.

Safeguard Support of hardware:

∗  Assisting the customer in Safeguard the hardware and device configuration and troubleshooting.


ECC is a specific Telecommunication and Electronic establishment in which technical backing after sales is essential for client satisfaction. The After Sales support plays such a valuable role within our organization, from implementing product solution to the maintenance of product.

Our typical roles includes:

∗   Customer Care Coordinator

∗  Technical Support

∗  Service Technician


ECC provides full Technical support to help our customers make the best use of our products through effective and active support. In support of this mission, the following services set the expectations for relationship with our valued clients:

Technical Support Services:

∗  ECC Technical staff can support the client through Telephone calls, E-mail, Skype or Fax.

∗  Telephone programming, satellite upgrade, CCTV problems or relocating systems.